Our shop is clean and has the highest quality equipment. We use disposable one time use needles and everything is steralized. There is metered parking in front of the store and free parking around the block. 


Our artists have won several awards for their impressive, unique tattoo work. See for yourself - take a look at our artwork portfolio now. Before you decide to get work done, browse through our website, check our instagram, or contact us to find out more about our artists, their specialties and their past work. Everyone has their favorites, so don’t be shy!



GO! TATTOO NYC is the hottest new studio for permanent award-winning body art. Our talented artists are ready to help you create the tattoo you’ve been thinking about for years. Browse our gallery of images or bring your own! There is nothing we can’t do. When you’re ready, call 917-396-1011 to make an appointment, or stop in when you have some time. We do custom designs in all colors and locations, and you can count on our friendly artists for superior design work in our clean, comfortable, and concienient location. Contact our store and our managers will be sure to take care of you!


All artist book their own appointments, and may or may not require a deposit. (Deposits are anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on the size of the project)

We take walk-ins everyday, but it is not gauranteed that you will get in right away ( you might have to wait).


To get an estimate on price, the best way is to come in and talk to an artist. It's hard to price something when we don't know exactly what it looks like. But for smaller tattoos they can design, size, and give you a general price. For any questions, call us, email or come give us a visit! 

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